• structRNAfinder
      StructRNAfinder is an automated tool for the identification, functional annotation and taxonomic assignation of RNA families through secondary structure inference. It integrates third-part softwares to compare nucleotide sequences with sequence/structure covariance models, generate secondary structures and functional annotations, in a webserver and stand-alone toolkit with friendly reports and outputs useful for downstream analysis and data exploration.

      The tool is built using Perl, JavaScript and HTML. It integrates different tools (Infernal and RNAfold) in an optimized and streamlined way to facilitate the annotation of ncRNAs based on sequence/covariance models comparisons and databases (Rfam) cross-referencing.

      If you want to know more about structRNAfinder, or access the stand-alone version, please visit our GitHub account. There, you can have access to the codes, a complete documentation and tutorial on how to use it.

    • Fondecyt, Conicyt, Chile.

    Arias-Carrasco, R., Vásquez-Morán, Y., Nakaya, H. I., & Maracaja-Coutinho, V. (2018). StructRNAfinder: an automated pipeline and web server for RNA families prediction. BMC Bioinformatics, 19(1), 55.