Here, you can launch an analysis using StructRNAfinder and access the results in our servers. Before running an analysis, please read the following information:
    • Your results will be available until 48 hrs after its creation, then will be deleted.
    • All reports pages can be downloaded in a compressed file (tar.gz format) available in the "Files" section of your results html page.
    • If you want to analyze a sequence(s) longer than 10Mbp, you have to use the stand-alone verion available in the DOWNLOAD section.

    You can see an input example here

    Fasta file :
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    Search in: strand.
    Report only best hit per sequence :

    Note: Maximum sequence length 10 Mbp (including all sequences)

    StructRNAfinder examples:
    E. coli genome: (input|output)
    E. coli known noncoding RNAs*: (input|output)
    Leishmania braziliensis genome: (input|output)

    *: extracted from Sætrom et. al, 2005.

    Arias-Carrasco, R., Vásquez-Morán, Y., Nakaya, H. I., & Maracaja-Coutinho, V. (2018). StructRNAfinder: an automated pipeline and web server for RNA families prediction. BMC Bioinformatics, 19(1), 55.